2014 Irish National Champions

The 2014 Irish Downhill National Championships results are in..

What a weekend!! Well done to all who competed.

2014 Mens National Irish National Champions.
left to right: Ian McIntyre, Veteran; Glyn O’Brien, Master; Colin Ross, Elite; Jacob Dickson; Junior.

National Championship Titles have been awarded to the following:
Elite Men | 1st – Colin Ross, 2nd – Christopher McGlinchey, 3rd – Stephen McCormack
Master Men | 1st – Glyn O’Brien, 2nd – Dave Egan, 3rd – Ian Coates
Veteran Men | 1st – Ian McIntyre, 2nd – Joe Ward, 3rd – Stephen Davidson
Junior Men | 1st – Jacob Dickson, 2nd – Brian Macklin, 3rd – Dan Priestley

Elite Women | 1st – Tara O’Boyle
Junior Women | 1st – Sasha Bickerstaff

Juvenile | 1st – Ronan Gahan, 2nd – Liam Wolfe, 3rd – Joseph O’Boyle
Youth | 1st – Jack Crowley, 2nd – Conor Bate, 3rd – Jack Devlin

Full list of 2014 National Downhill Championships Results.

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Download the PDF file .

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