This just in, the National Champs Course Description.

2014 Irish Champs Track Description


The track for the 2014 Irish National Downhill Championships is set to become bigger and better than ever before at Rostrevor. Following on from a very successful IDMS in March the organisers have taken the feedback from the riders and a few big changes are in store. It’s all about rider experience and a track that is worthy of a national champion. More natural trail has been introduced along with the best sections of ‘On the Pulse’ and some jumps thrown in for some air time. There will be no course preview video as most of the track does not exist yet and it will NOT be open for practice until the weekend of the event to give riders a level playing field.


High on the steep slopes of Slievebane a new start will be cut into the side of the mountain. The roll in gets riders up to speed fast before hitting the first set of doubles. After this a berm will catch riders before dropping down into a very steep left with a catch berm at the bottom. From here it will be very technical with roots and stumps to catch riders out and a few more turns before joining the IDMS#1 track at the first hip jump. From here it follows the trail with a drop off and some tight technical corners. Heading down the steep shoot before the first fire road crossing the tracks goes right and jumps down into the woods. A few corners and a steep loose rocky shoot brings riders on to ‘On the Pulse for a couple of high speed bermed corners before heading back into the technical stuff. At the second fire road crossing riders hang right and drop into some natural challenging corners before joining ‘On the Pulse’ for its best bits. From here its berms and rock gardens until riders are met with their adoring and roaring fans at ‘Hecklers Rock’. Full throttle for the next straight as riders hit rock gardens, steps and doubles for the big dogs. Then it joins ‘Mega Mission’ for the last table top and finishes as fast riders double the last few rollers.

Thanks Dermott Sweeney Photography for the photos.

Entries and full race preview to follow shortly.

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