iDMS Round THREE | Postponed


It has now come time for me to inform you all of some sad news, I’m afraid.

Farymount Farm MTB have had to postpone their round of the iDMS in May as they will not have their grounds ready on time, they fear. It is likely that they will take up the running of Round FIVE in September, but this is yet to be finalised. Stay tuned!

Talks have been had with Coillte already in resolving a suitable venue for the event to go ahead and news of that will follow as soon as I learn it. It will however, then be neccessary to find a suitable club to run the event. It’s not hard to do but time is short!

I need to know what clubs are willing to and able to run races. If you are in a position to offer your clubs services to run races, or even if you want to discuss what those requirements are, now is the time to make contact. eMail me HERE


In the mean time, don’t forget to get your entry in for Round TWO in Mallow. Entries will remain open for another week, but will cut off at midnight on Thursday the 17th April.

Mallow, Co. Cork | 19th + 20th of AprilENTER NOW

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