Prizes, the AGM, BMX-ing and cake, I have been told!

This is a general notice about Prizes and Prize Givings and AGM’s and all other things you need to be at, or don’t, depending on who you are and or how much you care..

There will be an AGM this coming Saturday, the 19th of October. This is the Off-road Cycling Ireland AGM. There, we will discuss such things as; how the season went last year, how we would like the season to go for next year, the people that we would like to have representin’ us in making decisions that affect us along with what those decisions might potentially be..
You need to be a member of Cycling Ireland to have your say and have your club delegate speak for you and your club, talk to your club officials and work out your opinions NOW..

If you cycled your bike quickly enough and kept it between the tape, you’re due a medal or a trophy or a jersey for your accomplishments, along with the finest pat on the back and jealousy from all your peers.

If you hold a current (2013) Cycling Ireland license, within a UCI ranked category (Elite, Master, Junior and Veteran Categories, I think..) Then your Championship Medal and your National Champion Jersey will be awarded at the Cycling Ireland Awards Night on the 2nd of November.
If you are one of these people, you will be notified by Cycling Ireland so stay frosty and keep calm!

If you competed in your national points series, the IDMS, and have finished within the top 5 in your category then you should get your fine self along to the AGM this coming Saturday, the 19th of October, for after the AGM there will be prize givings for the Downhill and Cross Country Series winners.

The BMX trophies / plates will be handed out on Sunday, the 20th of Oct. after the last National (NPS) Race in Cherry Orchard (DC BMX).

If you didn’t win, don’t be a sour sam about it! Get yourself along and show some support.

Here are some links for you to click on..
Information on the AGM
Location of Roundwood, where the A G M is.
Location of the AWARDS NIGHT
Tickets for dinner at the AWARDS NIGHT There is a Prosecco reception.. lets wreck the place ;)
Info on the BMX NPS Final Race

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