Winter Series Round Two ¦ Bree, Wexford

Well round 2 of the IDMS winter series in Bree lived up to its name anyway with temperatures dropping down to close to zero and a biting wind coming in off the Irish sea. But the show must go on and the the 96 riders that signed on got into gear on what was a very FUN track with a Good mix of big jumps a few rocks and roots, bit of slippery mud towards the bottom and plenty speed up top, 

Dan Sheridan on his way to 2nd in Elites

Dan Sheridan on his way to 2nd in Elites

Helmet cam run from Christopher McGlinchy
off the start you have 10 yards to get set before the first set of rocks, hop over them, into a super fast bit of singletrack which brought you into the long Rock garden, get through that, few rooty corners and into the Big chute down to the hip onto Fire road, back on the pedals here to launch one of the best shaped step downs I’ve raced over and back into the trees on a flatter section, cross a wall and your into the greasy switchback berms, on the exit you either take the rock drop on the left of rail around the tree to carry speed into the sprint into the Jerm (jump into Berm) which caused havoc in practice with a lot of casing action going on, get back on the pedals and over the last tabletop and cross the line in a time of 1.33 for the fastest man on the Day.


Adam Hally going BIG into the woods

now for the racing, and the young lads in the U-14/Juvenile class where Gerard Walshe took 3rd place just .1 of a second back from Darragh Walsh but both were well beaten by Connor Bate who took the win by 15 seconds with a time of 1.50

next up was the U-16/Youth class where Daniel Priestly took 3rd, Luc Hannah 2nd and Ben Kennedy taking the Win on his new Nukeproof Pulse with a time of 1.41

In the Super Vets it was Tony Marshall losing out to Joe Bergin from Team Ballyhoura taking a good win.

the Vets was a bit closer with Gerry grimes taking his 2nd 3rd place of the year in his 2nd RACE, second went to Welshman Gary Williams who was still on a high after Wale’s win on Saturday in the Rugby but the win went to another Nukeproof Pulse, this time in the hands of Big Ian McIntyre.

next up was the Sports class which is really what the Winter series is about and and the Sport riders gave it a Good go with the Locals giving it a good go with Brendan Sludds 3rd and Mark Morris 2nd but it was Howie Millar taking the win in a time of 1.51.

in the Seniors it was 3rd for Michael Lee, 2nd to Damien Glod despite almost missing his run again!!! hint hint Damien. but the main man and Event Organiser Bobby St Ledger managed to get out on his new Bike to take the win for the Locals with a time of 1.39.

Bobby st Ledger on his way to the win, Photo: Cregor Elliot

Bobby st Ledger on his way to the win, Photo: Cregor Elliot

next up was the Masters class which provided some tight racing with 3rd and 4th seperated by  just .2 of a second with Rob Quinn just Missing out and with Gravity BC’s Mark Perry taking 3rd place, Stephen Nolan took 2nd place and Dan Collin’s took a good win with a time of 1.47

the Juniors were up next with Alan Connolly Claiming his first Podium Finish in 3rd, Thomas McCoy taking 2nd and Stephen McCormac taking yet another win in Juniors.

as for the top dogs in Elites it was Gav Kelly taking 3rd behind the Nukeproof boys with Dan Sheridan losing out to Christopher Kipper McGlinchy taking his 2nd win of the Year, not bad after his Big injury last year.

Kipper flying on his way to the win

as for the craic and scandal, how did Rob Davis manage to tear that mech off, fair play to Gareth O’Rielly Lending Rob the use of his V10 for the race runs did involve some quick turnaround and panic from Rob but he did  make the race runs. who cut off a cast to race on sunday? how bright is the paint on Bobbys Identiti, how many people cased the “Jerm” or overshot the stepdown, how cold was it waiting for the race runs at the top! who got no race run because he forgot his elbow pads, won’t be getting away with it this year lads!!! that said how much fun was that track to ride and how good is it to be back racing again.

Next up is round 1 of the Chain Reaction Cycles Irish Downhill Moutainbike Series in Mt. Hillary, Mallow Co Cork info for which can be found here

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